Mylla® lets you cultivate soil teeming with life. ensuring your growth isn’t just sustainable, but also adaptable to our rapidly changing world.

Harness the power of biodiversity with our expertly designed fertiliser products:
A dense coniferous forest, filled with tall pine trees. The trees are closely packed together, their trunks rising straight and narrow, with the forest floor covered in a lush carpet of ferns and other underbrush. The branches of the trees are adorned with clusters of needles, indicating a healthy, living forest. The color palette is rich with various shades of green, showcasing the vitality of the woodland. The light seems to be diffuse, possibly due to an overcast sky, which gives the forest a calm and serene atmosphere. The trees show signs of age and natural growth, with some branches twisting and turning in unique formations. This contributes to the wild and untamed character of the scene. The forest appears to be undisturbed, a quiet haven for wildlife and a perfect example of nature's untouched beauty.
The best place to find healthy microbiology
is an undisturbed and diverse forest.
the next best place is our products.

Decades of mistreatment have left soils stale and lifeless. Devoid of crucial microbes that drive the fertility of the soil.

Our expertise lies in replenishing the crucial energy reservoirs to kickstart the process of photosynthesis – the miracle that drives multicellular life.

Interwoven branches of leafless trees shrouded in a thick mist or fog. The trees' silhouettes are intricately detailed against the soft, white background of the fog, giving the composition a delicate and somewhat surreal appearance. The branches spread out in all directions, creating a natural lattice that is both chaotic and harmonious. There are a few leaves or buds visible on some branches, indicating that the scene might be set in late winter or early spring, just before the foliage returns. The mist diffuses the light, providing a gentle illumination that wraps around the tree limbs, enhancing their outlines and the sense of depth in the image. The overall mood is serene and contemplative, inviting the viewer to pause and appreciate the quiet beauty of nature in repose.
Microbes deliver critical nutrients in bio-available form, direct for root uptake. This is the true fertility of a living system.

At mylla®, we mimic the processes of a natural forest. A system that utilises organic matter, microbiology, and minerals. These interconnected elements work synergistically, accelerating the cycling of carbon, thereby building resilience whilst improving fertility.

This pattern has been at work for 100s of millions of years. We embrace it.

A dense deciduous forest during what appears to be the late autumn or early winter months. The forest floor is blanketed with a thick layer of fallen leaves, predominantly brown, suggesting they have been there for some time. A few trees still hold onto their leaves, which are a striking orange color that catches the light, contrasting with the mostly bare, grey branches of the surrounding trees. The sunlight filters through the forest, highlighting patches of the forest floor and giving the scene a somewhat ethereal glow. There is a fallen tree trunk in the foreground, indicating natural decay and the life cycle of the forest. The overall feeling of the image is peaceful and quiet, with a cool temperature implied by the bare trees and the angle of the light, which suggests either early morning or late afternoon.
The thin layer on the boundary between above and under ground is where the final stage of decomposition of organic matter takes place. It forms a dark, greasy substance created by the microbes which fertilises the plant. This is called humus.

Microbes are everywhere. They decompose organic matter and make minerals biologically available to plants. They assist by fixing nitrogen in the soils, preventing pests and disease and releasing growth hormones.

We understand these living systems and know how to reinvigorate them. How? Our solutions aren’t ours. They were gifted to us by nature.

A natural landscape scene, primarily composed of a dense, wild grassy field. The grasses have a variety of colors, ranging from deep greens to rich reds and subtle yellows, indicating a mix of plant species and possibly the change of seasons. This diversity in color gives the image a textured, almost painterly quality. There are some taller plants that stand out above the rest, with white flowers or seed heads that punctuate the sea of grass with small dots of brightness. The lighting suggests either early morning or late afternoon, as the colors are vivid yet soft, which enhances the depth and complexity of the scene. The overall impression is one of untamed natural beauty, with the wildness of the flora suggesting an area that is not regularly maintained by humans.
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Make Mylla®

Mylla №1
Biocomplete™ Slow-Release Fertiliser

Delivered as 1,000 L big bag. Covers 20 tree plantations or ten standard-size raised garden beds. Request quote

mylla №1 is the finest biocomplete™ slow-release fertiliser on the market. Ideal for tree planting projects, garden beds, raised beds and market gardens.

Proven Results

7 years of trials prove efficacy against pests, disease, and plant health.

No Chemicals

No bullshit, but some cow dung. Completely free from harmful synthetic chemicals.

Long-Lasting Effect

Extended protection and fertility maintains healthy growth year-round.

Expertly designed to expedite the natural conversion of organic matter into nutrient-rich humus, an essential component for a thriving garden ecosystem. Our formula works in three distinct steps:


First, mylla №1 begins by breaking down raw organic matter into highly water-soluble nutrients, making them easily accessible for further processing.

Nutrient Fixation

Next, our product fixes these soluble nutrients into short-chain compounds known as nutrient humus, ensuring they are retained effectively within the soil.

Permanent Humus

Finally, our product bonds and fixes the nutrient humus into longer chain compounds, known as permanent humus, ensuring long-term nutrient availability for plants.

The efficiency of this process depends heavily on the health of your soil’s macro and microbiological ecosystem. mylla №1 enhances this ecosystem, enabling faster nutrient trapping and minimising nutrient loss. others will tell you:

We clearly saw a difference in worm life, in structure and in soil colour in just one season after using mylla products

Agnes and Mauritz Larsson
Karshamra Mat & Trädgård

We don’t plant trees without mylla products, our clients are very happy with the results

The Wild Studio

Our vegetables beds just don’t perform the same without mylla's input

Chris & Anette
Biodynamic growers of 30 years

warning! below this line, it get’s real nerdy:

Usage and Benefits

Plants communicate their nutritional needs to soil microorganisms, which then extract these nutrients from the minerals housed within the soil. Our product ensures a steady transformation of organic matter and mineral, into nutrient humus and eventually permanent humus. due to its incredible sponge like structure and strong electro magnetic charge, the increase in water-soluble plant nutrients do not get lost to the ground water which ensures the nutritional needs of your plant is met.

Focus on Nutrient Humus

In controlled compost environments, our goal is to achieve nutrient humus, not permanent humus. mylla №1 aids in digesting and protecting the nutrient content, preventing them from becoming water-soluble too quickly. The formation of permanent humus is ideally left to occur in the soil.

Optimal Carbon-Nitrogen Ratio

Our formula maintains the ideal carbon-nitrogen ratio of 1:25, ensuring fast fermentation and efficient nutrient release. lower ratios may lead to nitrogen loss, while higher ratios can slow down the process, our products provide the optimal C:N ratio for soil building and fertility provision.

Microbial Biomass Standard

We guarantee that our product contains over 1000 micrograms of microbial carbon per gram, ensuring a high level of microbial activity for effective soil enrichment. Our products provide everything your soil needs, our production follows a stringent set of production protocols to ensure a superior product reaches you, your soil and plants.